Writers Your Attention Please! Use Simple And Plain Words In Your Writings

When you write in plain English, you are not “dumbing it down”. You are clearing things up.
There are two main ways to make a text easier for everybody to read. One way is to use simpler concepts. This way, even people with little education will understand. Even people unfamiliar with the topic will understand.
For instance, try explaining climate change to someone with very little education. You could talk about the change in temperature and the melting ice caps and the rising oceans and how all this affects El Niño and… no way!
You’ll have to make the explanation itself simpler.

Should you dumb it down?

We’re putting things in the air that don’t belong. It’s messing up the weather patterns. We’ll have more tornadoes and more droughts that hurt the crops, so the price of food is going to rise.
That’s dumbing down. You’ll note that the words aren’t all that much simpler. It’s the ideas that I’ve simplified.
Sometimes you need to dumb things down so that everybody can understand.

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Dumb it down, or clear it up?

Courtesy:  David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services.
Thanks, Dave for the share.
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