Let's Not Despise the Word of God

By Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
We live in a world, which is subject to changes. Every moment changes are taking place. What we see now disappears the next moment. Those who are in high places today are unceremoniously removed from there tomorrow. But in this transitory world, there remains one thing immovable. That is the Holy Bible, which we possess. But to our own shame and sorrow, we see almost everywhere an increasing tendency to belittle this priceless treasure-The BibleThis book contains the gracious words of Lord Jesus Christ; we should meditate it day and night. The first Psalm begins with the word ''Blessed''. One godly man had described it as an introduction to Psalms, which he called God's hymnbook. Whenever we hear the word ''Blessed'' the thought that comes immediately to our mind is of ''person who is perfect and self sufficient, having all things and is in need of nothing''. But in the Holy writ, this word is used in an entirely different connotation (context). It is used in relation to the word of God. In the Psalms and the gospels the word" blessed" with the same context is recorded several times. It is further clarified in Revelation 1:3. Many Old Testament saints, from Abraham are called "blessed" in the Holy Scriptures. But we, the believers are a congregation of blessed men and women, who are elevated to the height and pinnacle of it. Yea, we are a blessed people. This truth was made clear by the apostle Paul, while writing to the Ephesians (1:3; 2:7). A picture of our highly exalted position today can be viewed there.
The entire joy of the blessed man in Psalm 1 is centered in the law of the Lord. He rejoices in God's word as a man who happened to find a great booty (Psalm 119:162). It is a matter of great importance for us to know what the source and object of our joy is. Is it in the pleasures of the world? If so, it is only momentary. It is a joyful experience to find delight in God and His Word day and night. Such a man is compared to "a tree by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth its fruit in the right season; its leaf also shall not wither". The benefits we receive from a tree are many. It has been estimated that a palm tree is useful to man in more than 250 things. It is also estimated that an ordinary tree inhales approximately 14000 liters of carbon dioxide, and exhales double the quantity of oxygen for human survival. Just as a tree renders selfless service, a godly man is obliged also to serve selflessly. Let us labor without any desire for benefits; God is the rewarder. The root of such shall be established in the word of God. They receive nourishment from it for growth and maturity. That will also cause blessings to many. Let us receive strength by being rooted in Christ and His word, like the tree planted by the riverside. Those who are not so shall disappear like the chaff driven away by the wind (1:4). Their way leads to destruction. We will reflect the divine nature by our constant communion with the word of God. Separation from the world is inevitable to receive blessings from God. At the same time, without their co-operation our lives will be miserable, as long as we are in the world. However, it is absolutely possible for us to live a life without absorbing the impurities of this world. How bitter were the consequences of being carried away into the world for Peter. He reached a stage where he had to deny his beloved Master. Peter who "followed afar off", ended up sitting with them to warm himself. To be carried away into the world is a gradual process. Another example before us is Lot. He was attracted to this world by its greenery, and ended up most miserably. Believers should keep themselves away from the world. What is meant by "the world"? Whatever comes, as an obstruction between God and us is the "world." It may differ from to person. To some, it may be their fortune, job, children, and family relationships and so on. In a world subject to changes, many storms and waves may lash against the boat of our lives. If the Lord is in the boat, we have no reason to fear. Let us grant priority to the Lord and His words. Let's not despise it. Let us make sure that the Lord is in the boat. May the Lord help us. END
(The writer is a freelance writer based at Secunderabad, He can be reached at:pvariel@gmail.com)
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