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A Write-up About Myself (My Bio-Post)

Philip (Phil/PV)

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ (P V Ariel) the Knol Author: Some Info about myself and the wonderful place called: knol.google .com

(A Write-up about the knol author P V Ariel)

A write-up about myself and some writing experiences here at web pages and elsewhere


P V (Phil)
A knol Author from Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.  A follower of Jesus Christ.  A freelance writer/poet  And an Editor of a bi-monthly magazine.  Born and brought in Kerala, A southern state in India. Now based at Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, yet another southern state in India.
My work has appeared in newspapers, weeklies, magazines and on the web, mainly on Christian religion and the Bible. I was a reporter and contributor for Malayalam weeklies and magazine mostly of Christian publications. I am a regular contributor to the web since 2007, and now regularly contribute to the Google's Knol pages.

Education and Childhood Memories:

Young P V 
My Basic education was in Malayalam, a popular regional language in Kerala, one of India's southern states.  I have completed my Pre -University  education in English from St. Aloysius College, Edathua, Kerala, and  finished higher studies from Osmania University Hyderabad and Ranchi university). I have secured my Postgraduate diploma in Journalism from The Rajendra Prasad Institute of Mass Communication (Bhavan’s College) in Hyderabad.

I was an avid reader in my early days, and many of my Knols capture the memories of this time.

My Beloved Mother
As an example, you can read A Brief Memoir of My Mother. Saramma Verghese.  She was my source of inspiration in my writings, especially on my spiritual writings she had a great influence.
A knol on How I got my pen name "Ariel" and my encounter with a famous Malayalalam Poet and writer are some of my early experiences in my writing life. Read more here


I have translated some of the books and articles  of prominent authors in the English language into the Malayalam language.  Few of them are given below:
Dr. Woodrow Kroll: (President, Back to the Bible, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA), A popular speaker at such conference as 'The Cove", Bibletown and Word of Life'.  Author of numerous magazine articles and books  including  '7 Secrets to Spiritual Success, 'Empowered to Prayer'  "Giants of the Old Testament" etc). Read More Here.
Wesley L. Duewel:  A former president of OMS International. A missionary to India for 25 years, is also the author of 'Ablaze for God', Heroes of the Holy Life (Ebook, ePub) More God, More Power, Revival Fire etc.
John MacArthur: A well known author and preacher, President of  "Grace to You"  Ministries, and  Masters College and Seminary, Sun Valley, CA). He has authored more than 30 books, including fifteen volumes of the 'MacArthur New Testament Commentary', Charismatic Chaos, Signs and Wonders Speaking and scores of articles and study guides.

Web and other Blog Writings:

I also write and blog at different sites on present political situation and on Christian spiritual articles:
Also write at different Social Web Sites, like twitter, facebook, orkut, digg, delicious etc..
I also contribute to several secular news weeklies and newspapers like, The Week, The Sunday Indian, Outlook, India Today etc.
I authored many Christian Spiritual articles especially in the Malayalam language; and also composed about 60 Christian spiritual songs and poems.  Few selected ones can read here at my knol Malayalam Directory. I am also the recipient of many literary prizes.

My  Malayalam Writings and Malayalam Knol Directory:

I have created a new Malayalam Directory of my knols:
Here you can read few of my Malayalam writings, and also some of the translations of prominent knol authors like Peter Baskerville, Shastri JC Philip, Gust MEES and others.

Few of them you can read here. Peter Baskerville’s coffee Knol into the Malayalam language.  Read More Here:
A Recent one on this line is an invitation knol  to  my  fellow Malayalees (persons who know the Malayalam language—or known as Keralites). It can be read here നിങ്ങള്‍ക്കും ഒരു നോള്‍ എഴുത്തുകാരനാകാം... (You Too Can Become a Knol Author...)
I also started translating a knol series on Computer basics written by Gust MEES and Knol Publishing Guild (KPG)
More of my Malayalam Knols can read here: Malayalam Knol Directory.

Picture Credit. M Vasanth Kumar, Hyderabad
Recently I created a Malayalam blog by titled  "Arielinte Kurippukal"- Ariel's Jottings (ഏരിയലിന്റെ കുറിപ്പുകള്‍). After the Knol's closure I am mostly concentrating on this blog and many of my Malayalam as well as other writings are slowly migrating to this place. 

A Word  About My Involvement with Google's Knol:

Though I have joined knol on September 23rd 2008 I was inactive for quite sometime and recently I started contributing again and it’s really interesting and encouraging to interact with people here, though I had some unpleasant experiences with few, but that was a blessing in disguise and it helped me to go further with more vigor and enthusiasm. And within a short span I could make it to the ‘Top Viewed Author Award’ list and could make comments and reviews to the other authors at knol.  I now introduce and encourage my friends and other contacts to join this community called KNOL  Though knol is still in its infancy thousands of contributors are already joined and it is a fast growing website to acquire genuine and trustworthy information about anything in this universe.  There is a good response to my call and few are already here with their knols on my invitation and doing a tremendous job here.
I take this opportunity to invite my other friends and readers to actively involve here at knol as well as to tell about this to their friends and relatives.  Knol is a wonderful place to air your knowledge, views on any subject.
Read More @ this knol My Official. Bio-knol

A Word About My Writing Experience:

The role of the Hindu newspaper describes some new experiences I had after leaving my native place. As I have mentioned in one of these Knols, I slowly shifted my writing from Malayalam to English. A good number of my works were published in the print media, and have procured many literary prizes for my writings.  My work has appeared in newspapers, weeklies, magazines and on the web, mainly on the Christian religion and the subjects related to the Bible. I have also concentrated on subjects like current affairs, social problems and politics with many of my political articles appearing in different print media. Some of them can be read at this link here at knol. Some of my Write-ups (Published and unpublished) - Part I
Before joining Knol I was an active member and source/content producer for the site called Associatedcontent.com (AC).  I really enjoyed being with people there and had good rapport with many co-writers there.  From AC, I secured a good number of contacts in the writing field and I still maintains those relationships.  Two of the AC authors interviewed me. My first interview was with Mr. Donald Pennington of USA. Donald is an active member and source/content producer/contributor at AC, and a top 1000 and Hot 500 badge holder. Read more @ this link about that interview. Ladies and gentlemen P.V.Ariel
Another interview was published at AC by another Associated content writer Sheryl Young. She is a well known Jewish author and freelance writer and a three time Amy Foundation “Roaring Lambs” Writing Award Winner. She is also a Concerned Women for America 2002 Special Projects Award recipient. Sheryl is the Author of the book “What Every Christian Should Know About The Jewish People” Read more @ this link. Sheryl Young

New Developments (latest achievements) At Knol:

Picture Credit. Partic Lahaye
My latest achievement at Knol was the knol titled "The fascinating story of philately" With the support and guidance of a prestigious knol group called  Knol Publishing Guild  (KPG), this Knol got the  “Top Pick Knol Award".

My Official Bio Knol  also received this prestigious award in that way.

Picture by P V
The latest in line is the  knol titled: "Our Existence Depends on Trees: An Alert to the General Public and the Tree Fellers"
This knol too procured the "Top Pick Knol Award" recently and this knol's page views increased tremendously. Please do have a look at it and post your comments ratings, suggestions etc  at its comment column. Here is the link:  Tree knol

One of my joint venture too procured this badge:
Indian Knol Authors and Visitors Bulletin Board  This knol is a Discussion Board for Knols on India and Knols in Indian Languages.  Here the Indian readers and authors can air their views, comments and suggestions about knols on India and knols in Indian languages.

I recenly Jointly co-authored few knols on KNOL:
Trending Knols This knol identifies the knols having high Page Views on a Day/week.  It makes easy for the readers to check the popular new knols. 

This Knol identifies knol authors with potential to reach 100,000 page views in the next month and present them to knol author community.  It encourage the potential authors to put some extra effort to reach the target.

Knol Author News  This knol highlights and discuss the major news events happening daily in the web world, especially the new developments and achievements taking place at knol platform.

Breaking Inf...
In this knol you can read about the latest news and other developments happening around the world. Any one can contribute to this knol. This is under the Moderate Collaboration mode. Your are invited to contribute to it. Have A Happy News Reading here.

I am presently working on the translation of Dr. Woodrow Kroll's book "I Want To Go To Heaven When I Die"  -- one of the most popular books in English. He is now translating the same into the Malayalam language.  The same can read at this link:
എന്റെ മരണ ശേഷം എനിക്ക് സ്വര്‍ഗ്ഗത്തില്‍ പോകണം (I Want To Go To Heaven When I Die)

This book is translated into different Indian and foreign languages and is a widely circulated book on Gospel Message.

I Joined  Knol Author Discussion Group @ Linkedin.  Serious and heated debates/discussions are going on about the Knol Future, Plagiarism and many other issues related to Google's knol.com..

Future Plans:

I am planning to continue to translate some more useful and top ranked author's Knols into the Malayalam language for the growing Malayalam speaking community at Knol.

A Word of  Thanks:

pv - 2010
Let me takes this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the Knol team members, my co-authors, readers, commentators, reviewers and all other supporters and well wishers.

pv 2011
pv - 2012
I am very much indebted to few of them for their relentless support and guidance. I would like to note few such names here:   Dr. Johnson C Philip (who introduced me to knol), Prof.  Narayana Rao KVSS, Peter Baskerville, Murry Shohat , Jagadeesh M Nambiar, Gust MEES, Garry Jenkins, Patrick LAHAYEEric Clausen  Moharram Khalifa and of  course the KPG team

Back Waters of Kerala. A Photo by Kerala Tourism Dept.
 Let me take this time to Wish you all a Happy, prosperous, purposeful and God centered Happy Browsing,Blogging
                   New Year 2013.        

My Family: Son Mathews & Charles Wife Ann

With Best Regards,
Yours lovingly,
P V Ariel & Associates
Andhra Pradesh
South India.

Contact Info:

Snail Mail:

S O U T H   I N D I A

PHONE : +9700882768

Email: pvarielATGmail DOT Com

Some of My Important Links to Visit

For further info about me and some of  my write-ups. Please do visit  the following links:


Knol Page Picture credit:  Melanie R. Jordan: http:sunloverpublishing.com 

Dear Visitor,
Thanks a lot for dropping in, would like to hear from you.
Positive or negative, pl drop a line into the comments column,
If following too pl drop a line at the comments space so that
I can follow back,
Best regards
Philips V Ariel
Secunderabad. A.P, India

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Founder and CEO at Philipscom

A freelance writer, editor and a blogger from Kerala. Now based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can reach at: pvariel(@)Gmail [.] Com
Tel: 09700882768


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