This Year's (2013) A to Z Blog Challenge Signing up is on. Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: A to Z Challenge Sign-ups start today!

This Year's (2013) 
A to Z AprilBlog Challenge 
Signing up is on.

Join in and start blogging !

This is really a challenge
to those who are really
interested to do blogging
in a systematic way.

By joining in this challenge, 
your visitors and followers count 
will increase and the traffic to your blog 
also will increase.  

Also you can meet 
and interact with 
many new bloggers
from around the globe.

The Challenge Starts on
April First 2013,
and the registration
is now in progress. 
This will continue
till April.

April first on-wards 
one need to post 
one blog each day,
that is twenty six posts.
Except on Sundays.

To know more instructions 
in this regard, please visit 
the following links given at the bottom of this post.

All the Team members
of this event
especially to 
Arlee Bird
The Brain
There are a good number of 
Co-hosts, Minions/Administrative supporters and promoters behind him.

In Arlee's recent post about the progress of this event, this blog too is referred, you can read about that Here and Here

Philipscom Associates
Wish All the Participants

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Arlee Bird Wrote:

     Tomorrow is Valentines Day so don't forget the one you love.  Over the past  couple of weeks many of you have been showing some A to Z Challenge love with some truly endearing promo posts.  It's so nice to see so many love letters in honor of the letters of the alphabet and the Challenge that goes hand in hand with those letters.

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luv the A to Z Challenge enough to have included a post on their blog about it:

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Co-host and blogger 
Tina Downey
Are you a blogger? Do you want to build your blog audience, find new blogs to follow? This opportunity is your best chance! 

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