Insight India Mum on My Response Letter

A letter written few months back to a Christian Publication in response to their editorial, But alas! when the truth is revealed through my letter the organization itself kept silent and not responded to my letter reason best known to them, thus this publication of the said letter through this blog.

Dear Bros,
This is in reference to the note " from the Publisher's Desk" You have addressed and raised few valuable questions? This is a much needed issue to be discussed with and to find some answers to it.
We the brethren have a tendency to support the well established workers in the field. There are a good number of workers by now well off in financial aspects are still receiving fund from our existing common welfare funds. I know few brothers’ exception to this, a brother from North India who was getting help from some of our funds requested them not to send further help to him since he has sufficient recourses. After receiving his intimation still some funds used to send help to him and he out rightly rejected and send that back to them. How many of our well to do evangelists can take such a decision, I doubt a very few. Most of them need more funds and more funds to spend it in their lavish affairs. The sad part is that our fund generating people are very lavish to such people and funds are flowing towards such people to build or construct theirown kingdoms on this earth. This is a sorry state of affair among the brethren.
I appreciate the evangelist who took a decision to sponsor yet another fellow worker's children's education. fund generating organizations like Gospel Missions in India, (GMI) should make out such lesser known hardworking evangelists who are really in need. GMI or for that matter any other fund generating organizations should make note of this, they should not just to support the well off ones to build or construct their own kingdom on this earth. I know many such individuals who are receiving money from fund generating organizations like GMI etc... The hard earned money of God's people should not go waste just for the benefit and enjoyment of few. We are all accountable to His money not only the evangelists who spend lavishly but also the people who distribute it too. The people who are giving also should know where their money is utilized. This is a vital point and should be taken seriously.

Insight India brought out a lesser known fact about the lesser known evangelists and their children. I appreciate Insight India like organization to take such initiatives to support the needed lesser known evangelists and their children.
May the Good Lord continue to help you in this ministry.
Sincerely yours in Him,
Br. Philip Verghese

Philip Verghese Ariel Founder and CEO at Philipscom

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