A Reader's Response to a Leading Weekly's Cover Story

Apropos the cover story "Most desirable Married Men" (August 9 2009) made an interesting read. http://the-week.com At a time when some of our women flocks are involved in all kinds of forbidden acts as said in the story's intro, it's unfortunate to note that many of our women flocks are gazing at such acts and a kind of attraction is created everywhere. No doubt money and power are some of the main reasons for this twist. As Mr. Prasad Bidappa said, your projected personalities or the celebrities are all "achievers with a big bank balance. Yes naturally women want to build a secured life and it helps." Your same issue tells a different story of yet another group of our women. "The bus ladies" I appreciate these women for their guts and desire to work hard for a living. Bravo to such women. May their tribe increase. Yet another box item '"Women Only'"that too about on our women flock, a women minister's desperate looks out for a suitable women train driver too was interesting. Last but the least "your graphic view" "National filth" too was focused on the plight of our women flock the data mentioned about such women is really shocking. Even after 108 years of Gandhiji's revelation "women scavengers are the worst form or apartheid" the practice is still prevailing in a developing country like India is a national shame. Altogether this issue was interesting and thought provoking one. It would have been more appropriate if the Bible verse you mentioned at the beginning of the story with a small change for the context. "Oh my dear women flocks, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's husband".

Ariel Philip Verghese

PS: A portion of this response they published in the current issue of The week
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