She Rules

A Feedback to the Cover Story Published in The Sunday Indian News Weekly (7th December 2009) under the title “She Rules”

This is in reference to your cover story ‘She rules’, this issue speaks volume about our wonderful women, especially of our valiant warriors of the women community. Each of the warriors showed their mettle in their respective areas. It’s really amazing to know more about these unknown figures.

Kudos to TSI for bringing them to the limelight. I appreciate the attitude of Captain Vandana Srivastava’s silent movement in her work area, she work more and talk less about her work. This is a good attitude one should adopt in their life for a successful life. As she said, “For being an Army combatant, one needs to be married to the profession…” This type of attitude should prevail not only in Army, but also in any profession. Lack of such attitude in most of the profession shows slackness in bringing the desired result. These women’s efforts will definitely bring a kind of boost to the upcoming generation. Let their tribes increase. Thanks TSI.

Philip Verghese Ariel Founder and CEO at Philipscom

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