Twitter Celebrates its 5th Birth Day Today!!! Many! Many! Happy Returns of the DAY twitter!!!

Twitter the tiny tot (or the chirping or chattering bird) is five years old today.

Though all these years it went through or faced many disturbing storms, it withstood all the opposition and is going stronger and stronger.

Yes, five years back on this day on March 21, 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey posted the first Tweet at  twitter which 
goes into just two words:  “inviting coworkers.” 

That was the beginning of millions and millions of tweets today.  Since that very day the social networking site has become the hot place and lively one to the celebrities to the politicians, writers, student in short all walks of life young and old.  In fact today it has become a house hold mantra in most of the houses.  And in offices, social gathering places, market places and everywhere its a hot subject.

Though some may call it as a self-promoting site or an utter way of narcissism, it has played a vital role in communicating people in a speedy way with tiny tweets.

Twitter is no doubt a better place to communicate people in a busy world.   Since most of the people are leading a busy life, this way of communication is no doubt a less time consuming one and more and more people are adopting it in their lives.

As we know most of them do not have much time to go thru a lengthy note instead if that is put forward in a tiny note people prefer to look into it. Many may lament over its accuracy, its presentation, its structure formation or spelling etc etc..  Some say, lot of  spelling mistakes are occurring in it and it become a dirty jargon.  Whatever may be the allegation or the lamentation over twitter no doubt its popularity is increasing and growing day by day in an alarming speed. 

The people who are living in this internet or technology age most of them opt for such activities that convey the message of theirs in few words.   If their tweets are conveying the right meaning in its perspective and it is understood by the other side it is well and good.  That is enough for them, and many are preferring such tiny info than a lengthy one.  

Some lament over the usage of grammar and spelling mistakes: I firmly believe that, spelling is important but at the same time if the tweets convey the right meaning to the reader,  grammar or spelling is a secondary thing.  It doesn’t matter much here if the tweet conveyed the meaning properly.  as long as the information or the meaning is conveyed properly grammar is not that important here.  Since twitter is limited to 140 characters people are forced to shorten the words and may many times use the sms language and naturally the spelling and grammar will go with the wind.

Of course these days lot of celebrity’s stuffs are logged in to twitter – which are sad to say nothing but utter rubbishes.  No doubt we can mark it as pure rubbish, as someone said, who is bothered about such and such celebrity is where and eating what and dating whom etc etc,,, who wants such stuffs, may be their fans like it, but most of these celebrities tweets are utter rubbish. 

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Though it’s a good way of communication in this speedy world, there are some hidden dangers too in it.  If it’s not properly used, I mean if you do not coin your words wisely you may land in some kind of trouble, misunderstanding etc, etc, One of the living example for this is the Indian twitter prince
 'Shashi Tharoor' the former central minister (who lost his job on one such controversy) and a politician from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala. India.

Anyways, with all those allegations and lamentations and criticism against twitter, organization, business establishments, sports groups, ministers, presidents and prime ministers, religious leaders and many such top brasses are getting into it and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Seeing all these developments we can come to the conclusion that  twitter is here to stay, and yes, here to stay!!!.

Happy Birthday twitter!!!
Long live twitter!!!
Keep accepting tweets from millions around the world!!!
Keep going!!!
best regards. 
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