Let's Draw Near To The Lord


Prayer is not a method,
But a way of life.
It makes changes, 
And will be visible to others.

Prayer is not a method, but it's a way of life.

It makes changes that are visible to others.

It's a way of spending time with God.

When we draw near to Him in prayer
He draws near to us and we communicate with Him.

When we do this we got to be like Him.

Sometimes we may not feel the changes soon.

But it's for sure, it will happen.

The wonderful change happens in us is unexplainable.

The peace prevails in our heart is unfathomable.

When we mingle with this wonderful lover

His loving nature we too receives and that automatically flows from us to others, 
who come in contact with us.

Others may not notice the tremendous change in us so soon,
But the great peace of mind and the inner strength 
Will be visible to others.

It directs our path towards the destination

Yes, we are sure of that, 

It increases our courage to face any crises.

This courage only can obtain through- 
the constant contact with Him. 

It's the gift of the Heavenly Father.

No one can obtain this by his strength or wealth.

Nothing extra can be done to obtain this.

One can obtain this only through humbly

Submitting before the Lord and ask for it.

The Bible says, "Draw near to Him He will draw near to you"

That will bring happiness and courage.

That will be visible to others and

They will enjoy that benefits through us.

So, be hurry, the time is up, let's draw near to the Almighty God

And let's show the world, the changes in us.

May God help us to do this.

Pic. Source: sxc.hu


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