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Matphil's (My Son)Page In My Blog


Matphil My Younger Son     

Mathews Verghese Philip (Matphil/Ashish) My younger son's arts, crafts, and pics in my blog.

This school vacation he found out some new page in the internet and started making paper toys.

Here are some paper toy's he made and photographed by himself.


More to follow.... Please Wait....
Thank you for the visit....

paper design


Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Founder and CEO at Philipscom

A freelance writer, editor and a blogger from Kerala. Now based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can reach at: pvariel(@)Gmail [.] Com
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  1. Hi Philip...I have checked out many of your sites. Very nice!! I will follow you also. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to hear from someone in India!!
    God Bless you...Chelle

  2. Really nice hobby, I like the buildings. Keep posting.

  3. Thanks Reformed rebel and crob1005 for your encouraging comments. These paper toys are made by my younger son Mathews, more to follow in the II part.
    Thanks again for dropping in
    best regards

  4. Hi Mattoos,
    This is really great,
    You are a wonderful artist.
    OMG!! You have great patience.
    Mona, you did a beautiful job.
    I appreciate you. But do concentrate more on your studies now. Right?
    All the Best
    God Bless
    Anju Chechi

  5. Thanks Anju for the encouraging note.
    Best regards,
    Take care

  6. Philip,
    wonderful work of his son. I was delighted. Alice is a good friend! Thanks for visiting, I am following your blog. You are invited to come back in my blog whenever you want. Sorry my bad English. A big hug!

  7. Hi Ana Cecilia Romeu Thank you so much for your encouraging words, yes, Mathews my younger son is an artist too. Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow.
    Keep inform
    Sure i will visit again.
    Best regards

  8. Wow!! Amazing talent.May God bless him.Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wowwww!! Did he really make all these toys?!! Amazing...May God bless him more and more..

  10. Thanks Anish and Soumya for the encouraging words, He is a good artist too, he created many drawings and I think i need to sort out and to post it in one of my blogs in a later stage, Yes, Soumya he made it in the last holidays, and the photographs are not come out well, if we take it with a professional camera like the 3d one it will give the original impact, I think I need to approach our Allen
    Thanks again for the comments

  11. Little 'Ariel'Matphil, It is great and wonderful. You are really son of "Thachan'(Jesus Christ). I encourage you to become a good designer.

  12. Thanks lisstom for the encouraging note to matphil, yes literally his is a grandson of a thachan, Read more at my knol page "A Brief Memoir of My Mother Saramma Varghese. Here us the link
    Have a happy weekend

  13. Mathews -- Super work.. Please share the link with me also.. let me try and will ask you the doubts .. hehehe..Keep the good work..

    Gob Bless you

    Alby Alexander

  14. HI Alby, Thanks for the note to Mathews, the print outs are taken from papertoys.com. hi hi
    try it out from now on because you need it very shortly. :-)
    For Mattu,
    Philip uncle

  15. Thank you for dropping by my blog
    I see such wonderful and intricate paper architecture by your son.He has even made the difficult Taj Mahal! I made an enlarged version of the Taj from canon website for my daughters school project and it took me a week...your little master is very talented indeed!
    Dr Sonia

  16. Replies
    1. Hi Sonia,
      I think I too mentioned somewhat similar comment in one of your post, but i think its not appeared, did you received it,
      Hey do you read Malayalam, Or studied in B'lore only?
      Anyways good to meet you
      Keep inform
      Pl do visit
      Best Regards

  17. Thank you Dr. Sonia for the encouraging and uplifting comment,
    Yes, it required lot of patience, its really surprising to note
    that he did those crafts very fast, sad to say that the photography has not come out well, for such crafts one need to have a special effect camera to picture it. i mean a 3D effect camera.
    Thanks for dropping in,
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

  18. Congratulate your son.

    Why are you giving a source when it is your son's creation and photographs. Are you saying how to do these paper toys was described in the source?

  19. Great art..I believe he will be an Architect :)

  20. I popped over from Ann's blog. Your son did a great job on the paper designs, I enjoyed viewing them and it is nice to see a young child enjoying art. Lucy from Lucy's Reality (Participant in the A to Z Challenge)


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