Thank You So Much For Your Kind Remembrance, Wishes on my Birthday. May God Bless.


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I am delighted to receive a good number of wishes from my friends, relatives and well wishers through phone calls, email, by post and internet (social web sites).  

Yes! The Lord Will Fulfill His Purpose For Me.(Ps.138:8)

This year’s birthday was totally a different experience for me. To tell you the truth, I was thinking of not celebrating or to not give much importance to that particular day.  Read more (One of my articles from Knol pages) on this line here at this link. But now I consider it as a special thanks giving time to my God the Creator Lord.

As I said, I do not celebrate birthdays, but at the same time I appreciate and accept the wishes I receive on that day. 

    Now let me take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to all the dear ones from far and near to take time to wish me on this day.    

               “Thank you” to all my friends and relatives who wished me on my birth day on 22nd June 2011.
        May the Good Lord bless you all.

        With kind regards and love,

        Yours in Him.

        Philip V Ariel
NB:  Here I would like to mention one more thing about a encouraging wishes received from one of my friends’ on that day.

     Happy Birthday to you
        Heard it is your birthday today

        That’s what the little birds say

        They sing and dance

        Perched on the branch

        Happy Birthday to you.


        Happy birthday to you

        Happy Birthday to you,

        Indeed it is a happy birthday too.

        One year ago I didn’t know you

        Today I sit waiting here

        Wonderful things to hear

        About your work that brings good cheer

        To many who have been so dear.........   

        May you continue to bring good messages through your knols and blogs.

        God Bless you.

        Alice Mathews Martin.
       See her Poetry Blog Here

       My response:

                   Thank you so much Alice

                    For the thoughtful wishes

                    With a poetic touch and tone.

                    Oh My God !!!

                    Though a bit belated

                   …...I am much elated

                    My prayer is that my Good Lord

                    Come to pass those wishes in my life.

                    Today I am again reminded of the famous

                    Personality ever lived on earth, Mr. Benjamin Franklin

                    one of the founding fathers of America,

                    Let me repeat/quote his words:

                    "If you would not be forgotten,

                    as soon as you are dead and rotten,

                    either write things worth reading,

                    or do things worth the writing."

                    May the Lord help me to fulfill/do an iota of this quote.

                    Thanks again for your wishes.

                    Best regards

                    Philip V Ariel

PS: I would like to spend rest my days to live for others in line with my Savior’s Words and also to stick to a bit of the great quote of Benjamin Franklin. May God Bless.

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