Google Turns Today A Teenager - Happy Birthday Google

 Google Turns Today 
A Teenager

Many Many 
Happy Returns 
Of The DAY Google

Though a bit confusion prevailed on its birth date.  Google officially decided to celebrate its birthday on September 27. It’s this year’s birthday doodle shows a five letter logo wearing hats and placed behind a birthday cake with colorful balloons and wrapped up gift boxes around.

In 1996 its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin with a humble beginning (with four computers) started their first search engine.  The toil they put in is tremendous and that lead Google to become one of the giant search engine today..  Though they faced many hurdles its way to victory and success in its field itself is history.

With all its stories spread all over the web Google is continuing with numerous new projects.  Its growth in the IT field is tremendous and an envious one to its counterparts.

Google now entered into a crucial/critical age, “Teenage”

No doubt the competition around Google is crucial and tough too.

Ha, As India’s former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Miles to go before I sleep…  Yes Google needs to travel miles and miles……

Keep Finding, Keep Searching and Keep Informing the public about the new and wonderful things in the world over.

We wish this wonderful Search Engine Company A Happy Birthday.

May you Travel many more miles with more interesting and wonderful things for the web searching community.

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