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What's There in a Name? There is a Lot in It!

What's there in a name?
A most common phrase!

But mind it, it holds a lot!


Though at one go or thought we may think that there is nothing in a name. And quite often we use this idiom, "What's there in a name?" But the fact is that, if you think deeply about it you find a lot of things included in it. Ponder over this; no doubt you will find a meaningful, great aim or truth in every name.

Yes, next time when the question arises,

"What's there in a name?

Think twice, you'll definitely find something more in it.

This thought made me to write yet another write-up about myself.

Please read that here at this link:  
The Story Behind My Pen Name  

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Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Founder and CEO at Philipscom

A freelance writer, editor and a blogger from Kerala. Now based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can reach at: pvariel(@)Gmail [.] Com
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