"Outstanding work" - "Authoritative, Exhaustive, and Exceedingly Interesting" Reviews of "The Fascinating Story of Philately—the King of Hobbies"

by Peter Baskerville, The Knol Author/Course Facilitator - Entrepreneurship Education,Australia.

Peter Baskerville
Philip Ariel has published an outstanding work here covering "The Fascinating Story of Philately - the King of Hobbies". It is a great reader experience with the well placed images adding significantly to the ideas conveyed in the text. I found the article as fascinating as Philip promised in his title. This Knol would be a good reference for any one engaged in the hobby of stamp collection. Make it a favorite as I have done.

Do you trust this person as an expert on this knol's topic?
Yes It is a hobby he has followed for decades.

Do you believe this content is original and/or correctly attributed?
Yes No similar content on the web apart from the plagiarizers of this work at iword.jp.

Did you find this knol useful?
Yes, Stamp collecting is a family tradition.

Is this knol a complete and thorough treatment of its topic?

Is this knol a pleasure to read, making good use of layout, style and media?
Yes,Good use of photos.

Does this document cite adequate and reliable references to support its claims?

Is this knol as good or better than the top 10 search results on its topic?

Does this knol promote a product or service?
No ... but it probably should.

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Thank you Peter

Thanks Peter for the encouraging and recommending review.
The suggestions you posted at the comment column also is much appreciated and I will definitely work on it to bring this knol into a perfect reference guide.
Thanks again Peter for your precious time, and also for the fav.

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Dr. Shastri J C Philip's  Review

Review of "The Fascinating Story of Philately—the King of Hobbies"

Authoritative, Exhaustive, and Exceedingly Interesting

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Shastri Saheb Thanks a lot

Dear Johson/Shastri gaaru,
Thank you very much for your encouraging review.
Good Wishes

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A rating was published wrong. Now I have fixed it.

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Posted by Shastri JC Philip, last edited Mar 28, 2010 10:12 AM
Thanks Dr.

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Posted by P V Ariel, last edited Mar 28, 2010 10:44 AM

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