J For Joy-The Joy of Good Health

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I you have enough money you can buy/accrue almost anything in this world, 
positions, possessions, security, status, comfort and conveniences.  
Sometimes even you can buy momentary joy or pleasure.

But Alas!!!

You can never ever buy true joy.  
Because it has a different price tag.
Though, this joy is absolutely free 
many can’t obtain it or enjoy it.

A recent study from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute says 
“Clean living is the key to good health for men.”  
The report says:  

“A survey of the health habits of thousands of men reveals that men have the best heart, lungs and blood if they live decently and properly, avoiding smoking, drinking and overeating.”

It has been said that 

“True joy cannot find at the end of a rainbow, it’s not captured at the top of the ladder of success.  Its price tag is faithfulness, endurance and perhaps sorrow suggested that our cup of joy can only be as deep as our cup of sorrow."

But God can take your trouble and change it into true joy; 
yes your sorrows can be exchanged for joy, 
not just for a momentary one the money can buy, 
but a deep, uprooted, permanent and true one.

The Medical science report quoted above is proof enough
 to show or backs up what the Bible teaches.  
It is best to behave!  
Those of us who live clean lives 
will have  the most joy and 
we’ll enjoy such health 
far longer than those who

Men who change their lifestyles have 34% fewer death from heart attacks.
So, to have a true joyful life believe in God and to lead a clean life, that leads to true joy or happiness

Philip Verghese Ariel Founder and CEO at Philipscom

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