A to Z Challenge My Reflection Post....

Pic Credit. A to Z Blog Challenge
My joining in into this challenge itself is an unexpected one. I heard about this challenge from one of my long associate web friend. Without any hesitation I decided to join in.  

Though it's a pleasant surprise and altogether a new experience I registered for the challenge.

I have decided to do some home work to float with the group.  Thought of different subjects for each word and each day, thus made a list too. In the initial stage it was really encouraging and thought of different subjects to write with, but unfortunately could not reach to the other end.

The reason for my stumbling down half way is an unexpected visit to my native land, the God's Own Country Called Kerala.  Travel towards to the southern state without pre-planning is really tough, getting a reservation in the peak summer  holidays is another big head ache,  one need to reserve the ticket two months in advance, but in my case it was a sudden decision and the ticket was not confirmed and somehow got the reservation under the tatkal (temporary) quota  of the Railways.

Though I could not reach the finishing line, i can very well say that it was really a challenging one and i could interact with many new faces in the blogging field.  I am so happy to note that   joining in this challenge made a tremendous improvement in my PVs and traffic.

Though i could not respond to many blog posts, I could notice a great traffic flow into my blog, I am sure many visited   but due to the time limit many could not respond to it.

No doubt its really a new experience in my web writing arena. I have decided to take part in the upcoming events.

I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate Arlee Bird, Alex Cavanaugh and their team associates for their relentless supports and help rendered to the bloggers, I have noticed Lee’s initiative in answering and commenting back to the authors about their questions, doubts etc.  This is really and encouraging thing to the blog authors.  Even in spite of his busy schedule he attended many queries. This is really an appreciative trend which can found very rare among the established bloggers/authors.  I am sure that this will definitely give a boost to the newbies as well as to the stalwarts.

I have a suggestion.  If suppose one blogger missed his day to post the challenge on the stipulated day, he should be allowed to post it on a later date, that is before the end of the closing date.  This will definitely help the one who miss out in between. 

My sincere thanks to Lee and his associates to take up this challenge a success.

I wish all of them good and bright days ahead.

Thanks to one and all for their kind visit and comments.

Best Regards,
Ariel and Associates

PS: I am sorry to note that there are many bloggers who never respond even to their followers, This is really an upsetting trend i found in the blog challenge. We need to think on this issue seriously. "Help us to help you better" Let this be our motto in the days ahead. Best. Philip V Ariel.

Philip Verghese Ariel Founder and CEO at Philipscom

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