R is for Rape: Shocking Rape News From Delhi the Capital of India. Delhi Witnessed Yet Another Rape of a Minor Girl

R is for Rape: Shocking Rape News From Delhi 

the Capital of India.  Delhi Witnessed Yet 

Another Rape of a Minor Girl

Demonstrators shout slogans as they try to cross a police barricade during a protest outside police headquarters in New Delhi. Pic.Reuters / Indian Express
At A to Z blog Challenge R is the letter for the day.  The Letter R today stands for “Rape” Yes, rape is the word for today.

The other day the media reported of a five-year old girl’s rape.  The victim was brutally raped by a 25 year old person.  The police arrested the accused Manoj Kumar, 25, from his native village in Bihar today.  The greatest irony is that the girl was kidnapped and raped repeatedly and kept her in a room for two days without water and food. The accused inflicted wounds on the child’s body and inserted a 200 ml bottle and two candlesticks into her genital area.

Last December New Delhi witnessed  the gang rape of a girl in a moving bus, and protesters clashed with the police and the agitation spread all over the nation.

In this case also the protesters shouted slogans outside Delhi Police HQ and Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s residence.

Apart from this incident, In April itself 5 minor girls were raped and 393 rapes since January 1.

The media reports that, as per the police records, a two-and-half year girl were raped by a 25-year-old man in west Delhi's Najafgarh April 18. Accused Rajdhir has been arrested.

Another five-year girl, studying in lower kindergarten, was sodomised by her teacher in the school premises in east Delhi's Jagatpuri area April 17. Accused Pramod, 32, was arrested.

A 15-year Class 10 student was also gang-raped April 17 in east Delhi. One of the accused was related to her.

Three accused abducted the Class 10 girl from New Ashok Nagar area while she was on her way to school and gang-raped. One of the accused, Pradeep, 28, has been arrested. Co-accused Rahul and Amit are absconding.

In west Delhi's Sultanpuri area, a 10-year girl playing outside her home was lured away by neighbor Rakesh Kaushal into a stationary bus and raped in April 14. Kaushal was arrested.

Delhi police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat told IANS: "A total of 393 cases of rape have been reported between Jan 1 and March 31." And from Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 15, 2012, a total of 661 rapes were reported in the capital, as per the Delhi police report.

This is really a sad state of our Capital Delhi, even after the recent murder of a girl by gang rape the police and the authorities are in a dilemma to control the situation in Delhi.

Another report says that there are a good number of unreported cases in and around Delhi.

The interesting part is that in most of these cases the accused were known to the victims, that is what the police records says.

Girl child’s parents awareness is most needed in such situation, they must be more alert with their children.   In the above case the police offered the girl’s father Rs. 2000 to keep quiet over the incident.  It is reported that the police refused to register a rape case after the girl was rescued. 

Foot Note: The latest report says that the girl's condition is now stable.

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