A to Z Survivors It's Time To Reflect:- A Notification From Arlee Bird The Founder of A to Z Challenge

Picture Credit Jeremy Hawkins

Arlee Bird The Person behind the wonderful  A To Z Blog 

Challenge wrote at the A TO Z Page:

"It's Not Over Until It's Over! Time to  Reflect The "I Survived" 

Badge Is Ready! Thanks to our in-house art guru, Jeremy Hawkins 

from Retro-Zombie, we have available for all of you who finished 

this year's A to Z Challenge a badge for you to proudly display on 

your site to show all the world of your amazing April feat. 

Congratulations to all of you."


Hi Arlee and the Team,

Thanks a lot for providing all of us a wonderful  platform To 

reflects our thoughts, feelings and knowledge.

And ha, again for the timely support, encouragement and guidance      

Here comes our Big THANKS AND CONGRATS. 

Keep up the Good Work Arlee and Team.

Goodbye Until we meet again !!!


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