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"Let us save our trees and other forest resources." Please Join Me in this good cause. Thank You.

Pic. Credit. National Geographic Society

Dear Friends,

I just created a new petition and I hope you can join with me and sign in for this good cause it's called: "Let us save our trees and other forest resources."

This issue is very important to me, and I’m trying to get 100 or more signatures and could use your help.

Read more about it and to sign in please click on the below link:  


Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved
please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

This is helpful for our existence as well as to our coming generations.  

I am expecting your kind and serious thoughts on this cause.  

Let us save our generations. 
Let us make awareness among our fellow beings.

Please make this campaign a great success !

Thank you so much.

Philips and Associates   @ Philipscom 

To Read a Malayalam Version of this post 
please click here: Ariel's Jottings

Some Scenes 
From Different Cities and Villages

Pic. by Arun Mathew
Pic. by Anish Thankachen, U S A

 A painting by Jumana, U A E

Pic Credit Kerala Tourism
pic. credit sxc.hu

A painting by Jumana

Pic. by Shibu Thovala


Pic. Credit sxc.hu

Ariel's Jottings
Pictures without caption are taken by the blogger P V A

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Founder and CEO at Philipscom

A freelance writer, editor and a blogger from Kerala. Now based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can reach at: pvariel(@)Gmail [.] Com
Tel: 09700882768

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