What Are The BIG Rocks In Your Life!

The BIG Rocks In Your Life!

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The other day I was listening to a message delivered by a learned personality.

The speaker quoted a wonderful illustration which we need to ponder upon:

The illustration goes like this:
One  business management professor  was taking class to his students, and he wanted to bring into a valuable point, so he used an illustration which the students will never forget.  As he stood before the high-powered intelligent students he said. 

"OK, Now the time for a quiz", and he pulled out a one galleon wide mouth jar and set in on a table and brought some fist sized rock pieces and carefully placed inside the jar one by one.  When the jar is filled to the top with the rock pieces  and no more rock pieces would fit inside he asked the students.

Pic. Credit Google Immages
“Is this jar full?
All at once shouted “Yes Sir”
The professor  replied,  Is it?

Then he  took out a small bucket filled with gravel from under the table and started dumping the gravel little by little inside the jar by shaking the jar slowly to go the gravel inside the gap between the rock pieces.
He then asked his students again,  “Is this jar full?”

This time the class was with him and one said, 

“Probably not,”

OK fine! The professor said.
And again he pulled out another bucket filled with sand from under the table.

He slowly dumped the sand in the jar and it went into all of the spaces left between the rock and the gravel.
Once again he asked:      
“Is this jar full?"
“No!” the whole class yelled.
OK Fine! Said the professor.
Then he took out a jug of water and began to pour it until the jar was filled to the brim. Then the professor asked to the class.
What you understand from this illustration?
A brave student raised his hand and said: 

"Sir, from this illustration I understand that No matter how full or busy you are or your schedule if you try hard you can surely fit or add some more things into it."
No, that is not exactly the purpose or point of this illustration the professor said.

The real meaning or point of this illustration is that, if you prioritize your things according to its space and value you cannot never fit into it. That is, if you don't put the big rock pieces first into the jar you will never be able to get them in at all.
What are the BIG Rocks in your life?
It may be the time with your loved ones, it may be your faith, your education, your dreams, perhaps a good cause of helping someone, teaching or sharing your knowledge with others? Or may be something else! Whatever may be, remember to put these BIG Rocks in first place or you will never get them in at all.
So while pondering over this small illustration please think or ask yourself these questions:
What are my BIG Rocks in my life?
Am I putting my BIG Rocks in the right place at the right time?
If not try to do that otherwise at a later stage you may worry over it!

Let this story/illustration be a wonderful thought for today.

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