N is For Net Neutrality: Internet Users We Are In Danger! Let Us Raise Your Voice

N is for Net Neuterality: Internet Users We Are In Danger! Raise Your Voice

Only you and I can save the internet!

Yes, the time to raise your voice ends in a few days!

Yes, the last date to submit your application is April 24th, so hurry up to show your presence by sending a petition to the Government of India (TRAI).

As we all know the Mobile Operators like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone are on their way to pressurize the Indian Government to regulate the internet.  That is to say that, you will be charged separately for using the WhatsApp, Skype, etc. though we have paid already for that.

If TRAI accept their petition the Mobile operators  can even regulate the speed of internet sites, in fact, we are eventually forced to use the sites they detect for us!

This is really disgusting and scary!

Yes, there is a way out of this problem, or we can stop their move and demand Net Neutrality.
Yes, TRAI is going to take a decision on the opinion, petition collected from the internet users, we the net users can air our voice or our protest by sending a mail to TRAI

This is what you want to do.

Please visit the page: SAVE INTERNET

and click on the button  Respond to TRAI now
Copy the letter provided there, if you would like to add something extra, you can edit it and send to TRAI.

According to the latest report TRAI has already received 9 lakhs above letters.

You can also join in this campaign and support this great cause.

The last date to attend this cause is 24th April 2015

So please hurry up and file your concern by visit the the above site.

Thanks for your valuable time.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

Source: Saveinternet.in, 
Picture Credit: Google, saveinternet.in
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