Disability is not a liability, Here Is A Living Example. "Nick Vujicic"

Disability is not a liability, Here Is A Living Example. "Nick Vujicic"

NIck. Pic, Credit andfinally.tv

Today in my mailbox a dear friend of mine posted a video link of a testimony of a wonderful person who born without hands and limbs and it encouraged me very much thus this note to my fellow readers, visitors and authors.
I am sure this will definitely be an encouraging note to you.
Nick, a person born without hands and legs but he lived a life which is an encouraging to many.  Watch his lively story in these live videos.

Yes, history is filled with such names of men and women who have faced disabilities with an amazing courage. The life they lived, the energy they displayed and the lively spirit they manifested in spite of their deformities were both admirable and daring. “Disability is not a liability” goes the adage.  Many such courageous people proved this adage correct. They did not feel that to be born deformed or misshapen was gruesome, an outrage to humanity, but they strove to fit into the world of normal people and in the process, put many to shame. The courageous words and acts exhibited by these differently abled people is really admirable one.  Nicks story will definitely encourage and boost the confidence of not only the differently enabled ones but also the able ones too.
Nick with his wife. Pic. Credit.connect.in,com
His words are proof enough to this. His motivational speech and testimony will definitely encourage and uplift the people who are down and distress in their disabilities or other life’s problems.

Watch these videos: and get encouraged, though you may not be disabled person here is a lesson to emulate.  Even in spite of your down stages there is hope at the end of the tunnel.  So, nick please don’t give up, instead live up with your distressed or failed situation whatever that may be, Nick is spreading this goods news to his listeners.

No Legs! No Arms! No Worries!

Nick says: “ I Love Living Life. I Am Happy.”

What a wonderful testimony it is!

May the Good Lord continue to keep him safe to spread this wonderful and encouraging news to his fellow beings around the world.

I request my dear friends and visitors to tell about this personality, I am sure that will be an encouragement to them. Please do tell others.

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Here is the Video, Watch and get encouraged.

Also to watch another related video of Nick: Please Click Here
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Source: YouTube and andfinally.tv


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