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Let Us Save Our Forests (Millions Livelihood And Home To Wildlife)


The forthcoming ministers meeting on March 15th will decide the fate of our forests, (millions livelihood and home to wildlife like tigers and elephants).

If the government take a decision to go for cutting down the trees and allow them for coal mining it will no doubt be a disaster not only to the forest dependents but also to the whole human beings.  Read the reason here:

Green Peace India has taken an initiative to represent the people with this serious issue by a campaign of collecting signatures and representing government, especially to the Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee that the people of this country want their forest to be safe.

(Greenpeace India Caption It Contest!)
Keeping this in mind the Greenpeace India brought out a campaign and a  “Caption It contest” too in this month.

To know more about it and to participate all you have to do is to visit this page
and add a caption to the given picture at the comment page.  By doing this even you can get a chance to win a super cool Greenpeace T-shirt. 
Also you can spread this news to your friends and other contacts via mail or other means of communication so that many may come to know and join in this cause.
Please add your signature asking Pranab Mukherjee to hold a public consultation before taking a decision.

Forests in India are a “No Go” area and Minister Pranab Mukherjee should hold a public consultation before taking a decision on allowing mining in these forests.
Last year environment and forest minister Jairam Ramesh marked certain dense forests as "No Go zones" for coal mining. The coal ministry however wants access to all these areas.

There are clean and viable renewable energy options which can minimize our dependence on coal. However, once destroyed a natural forest cannot be re-created.
No doubt, with this intention if the government goes forward, India's forests are at risk. A Group of Ministers are to decide whether or not our forests should be cleared for coal mines.

Ask them to leave our forests intact, sign a petition and send.
You can mark your protest by sharing your views or reactions to the Minister by sending a petition.

This is how you do it:

Caption the fore mentioned image with the best one you think of and put it down in the comment section. For more information please click here:

Here is a request from Green peace India's Climate Campaigner Prethi Herman:

Dear Friends,

Remember your last trip to a forest? If Minister of Coal, Sriprakash Jaiswal, has his way there won’t be many forests left. I definitely want to see more forests, that’s why I delivered 34,000 petition signatures supporting forests to Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Minister Jaiswal wants to mine coal in all forests, including dense forests marked as No Go zones by the environment and forest ministry. [1] India’s forests are the habitat of tigers, leopards, elephants and other biodiversity. A Group of Minsters (GoM) headed by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will decide the fate of these forests, and the species and communities they support. [2]

34,000 signatures made Mr Mukherjee call us for a meeting. [3] The GoM will meet on March 15 and decide if coal is more important than India’s tigers. [4] This is all the time we have to support the forests and the lives of those who depend on them.

Ask the Group of Ministers to hold a public consultation before deciding the fate of our forests.       

Here’s another chance to keep the forests and the creatures inhabiting them safe. A large number of supporters will help show Mr Mukherjee and the GoM that the people of this country support forest protection. Our forests are in danger and the laws protecting them need to be strengthened, not weakened.

The thought of losing forests upsets me, especially when clean renewable energy can reduce our dependence on coal. [5] Once destroyed, forests can never be restored to their original state. Clearing forests will only displace communities and threaten tigers and wildlife.

One ministry’s greed can cause immense destruction. The GoM needs to know that there is huge support for India’s forests. Tell them now by signing the petition.

Thanks a billion!
Preethi Herman
Climate Campaigner
Greenpeace India


Let us give a helping hand to this good cause by telling others, our friends and relatives via email  and other means of communication. Let us make this cause a success.  By doing this we  are helping ourselves and our existence.  Remember that our very existence depends on our natural resources.
My caption for the contest

"Oh! God! Save me from this human fury!
And Save Them Too!"

Also pl visit my knol on this issue
here is the link,

My Second comment for caption contest.

Oh Human! What wrong I did to you?
Through my selfless service I served a lot!
Instead you want to kill me
Oh Heaven! Forgive them;
For they know not what they do!
P V Ariel

Just after posting this blog, we came to know about the Finance Minister's Office’s  response to the representation of this campaign. The Department agreed to fix a meeting with Mr. Pranab Mukherjee early next month! Read more about this @ Preethi Herman’s Blog: "34,000 say ‘forests are a No Go’. Minister Pranab Mukherjee says let's meet"
Rear More Here.

Latest in this campaign:

Greepeace India's Climate and Energy campaigner Preethi Herman,
answers questions about Greenpeace India's campaign to save the forests from coal mining.
Watch out this video for more information:


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  1. Good to know that there are such sensible people out there....there may still be a ray of hope to save our beautiful planet...

  2. Hi Meenakshi,
    Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment.
    Thanks for the note. Yes, as you said there is still a ray of hope to save our plant. No doubt:The effort of groups like greenpeace India etc will reap fruits very shortly. Let us hope for the best. let us together strive to save our resources for our good
    best regards

  3. I'm French, so I don't speak english very well... But congratulations ! You're great !! Interesting blog !

  4. Hi Petite,
    Thanks a lot.
    I understand, but your response is a great encouragement to this cause. Keep watching
    Thanks for your precious time
    Best regards

  5. Thanks for your response too Philip!
    I'm member of your blog now

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