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Some Delighting, Amazing And Unknown Facts About My Native Land—Kerala—Commonly Called or Known as “God’s Own Country”

This Video Talks and Shows Volumes About My Native Land KERALA.
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Some of the Facts Mentioned in this video.

Kerala’s Literacy rate 94.59% as on 05/2010 (higher than China (93 or Brazl 81%
Map of Kerala
Least corrupt state in India (Ranked by Transparency International)

Lowest population growth in India

World’s first “baby-friendly state” by WHO, UN

Highest life expectancy and health care facilities in the country (Only state with facilities of hospitals in every village)

Female to Male Ration Higher than India (1.058)

Most media exposure state. (Highest rates of newspaper and magazine subscriptions).

Named as “Ten Paradises of the world” by National Geographic Traveller
(Best Tourist Destination in Asia – 2010 Sweeps PATA awards at Bangkok.

With increase of 23.68%, its fastest growing destination of the world.

Most profitable Railway Service whole of India.

First place in the world to have a democratically elected community country.

Maximum migrants working in foreign countries from India.

Among the top 3 on bank penetration (India’s first Islamic bank (No Interest Rates), 2011 Feb.  The best example of communal harmony).

Virtually Road Connected, thanks to 4.63 km Bs 2.59 km of India (Per pop)
Kerala’s road density is 4 times the national average.

First state which doesn’t add to population explosion of India (-ve growth rate)
Safest state in India (latest IB Report).

First police department in South Asia to under take community policing.

Rated best public delivery system (PDS) in India.

First state to have online Medial Egg. Counseling to become the first state in India to be 100 percent e-literate (by 2011) Malappuram India’s first e-literate district.

95% of Kerala’s births are hospital delivered,
(High compared Indian Average—UNESCO).

The lowest Indian morality rate of India.

First state to implement electronic voting machine in India.

(RTI (Right to Information) Effectiveness Ranking – 1 Public Satisfaction Ranking -2
Rated best in political awareness (EC).

The Kochi International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT)  The only trans-shipment port in India--- The largest signal operator container terminal in India—The First in the country to operate in a special economic zone.

The largest single operation container terminal in India… the first in the country to operate in a special economic zone.

The highest voter turn out in India (Election Commission, E U)

Rated the lowest bottom in “India’s state Higher .

The only state in India have index quality of life indicators comparable to China’s – the New York Times

Kerala model is the best key for directing Nations (U N) 

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Picture Credit Shibu Thovala

To know more about this lovely state please do click on the below link.

Facts are taken from 2007 upwards
All shown dates are collected from State and central government  web sites


Source: YouTube Video
Map of Kerala Pic.by. topnews.in
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  1. P V These facts are really amazing.
    Being a Keralite I am ashamed to say that many of the facts mentioned in this video are really unknown to me then how sad it will be others in different nations. Thank you P V for posting this video in a different manner, good that you posted in facebook too, I am here via facebook
    thanks for sharing this amazing video about my own land
    good wishes
    Keep on writing about such informative and interesting facts in and around the world

  2. Thanks for the note, Yes, i fully agree with you, even to me some of the facts mentioned here is new to me. Anyways I am proud to be known as a Keralite.
    Keep reading keep inform
    best regards
    P V


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