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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2012 by p v a

A post for the day one for the 
A To Z Blog Challenge 
April 2012

After a much thought at last I have decided to enter into this new challenge.  

As usual almost at the fag end of the cut off time I entered into the fray.

Luckily there is enough time to get into the list.

This is the second of such challenge I am participating in my 2-3 years of web writings.

First one, “A 7 Day Blogging Challenge for Bloggers” initiated by Jenson Taylor of U K.  
Though I have completed the posting before the deadline, unfortunately due to the technical problem with the program, my name did not appeared in the voting fray.
Here is a link to have a quick glance to my "7 Day Blogging Challenge" contents.

When one of my co-author friends, a longtime associate in my web writing field, told me about this new challenge, because of my bad experience with the first challenge, my initial thinking was:-  Hey, what man! What is this blog challenge business!  This too will be the same as the previous one!  

Not only that I thought this will be just a fun for the people who have no other business, especially the sit at home Mums/housewife’s business.  And not much worth working with such writings.   

I said about this to another longtime friend and a close associate and a co-author of me said, "No Philips, it's really worth entering in it.   You and your writings will be exposed to many people and you may get a good traffic to your blog pages"

That point was good and I experienced that slight touch (the increase in page views in my blogs) from the previous one.  Yes, my page traffic increased tremendously in those 7 days period.  And  that experience and challenge prompted me to enter into the new one  A – Z blogging challenge for 2012

Before jotting down these lines for the challenge for the first day, my mind travelled fast to different things people and places.  In that speed travel I could think of many subjects to start with. 

But suddenly my inner thoughts stopped me where I started.  Yes, it stopped at  myself, the knol author, thus this thought about the person called ‘Ariel”

Ariel a Keralite (people belongs to Kerala - a southern state in India are called) now settled at Secunderabad Andhra Pradesh another southern state in India). Read more about this blogger at the following links.


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