Blogging is Beautiful And Thrilling Too!!! A Brief History of Blogging and Few Vital Blog Tips for All

A to Z April Blogging Challenge: Post for the Day Two  "B"  

Closely watching my writings in print media one of my friends suggested, 
“Anna, (Brother) why don’t you start a blog of your own?
He has given me some guidelines and accordingly I did a web search and found few attractive pages for web writing, thus started my journey of web writing or blogging.

Started from Associated Content to Google’s Knol pages to Word Press and to Google’s Blogger pages. And the journey continues and it’s really thrilling too.
Here is a short history and few thoughts and tips on blogging from experts in this field.
A short history of blogging
The first use of the term "weblog" in relation to the delivery of content on a website comes from the delivery of a paper titled “Exploiting the World-Wide Web for Electronic Meeting Document Analysis and Management” by G. Raikundalia & M. Rees, two lecturers from Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia made to a conference on August 14, 1995…..
The origins of modern blogging are often as argued about as what blogging is.
Many point to blogs as websites or WebPages that provided links and comments to other pages, and it is from this basis that modern blogs emerged.  Tim Berners-Lee, father of the World Wide Web, first posted a web page in 1992 at CERN that kept a list of all new web sites as they come online.  Read More Here At This Link  The Blog Herald

Here are few of my web friends and co-authors from Google’s knol pages. 

They have written number of informative and educative pages in relation to blogging.

Jadish Kumar Nambiyaar (Jag): Is a Web expert and a SEO expert in the World Wide Web.  He gives tons of information about web writing/blogging and other SEO related matters. To know more about SEO and blogging check his pages at this link SEO A Day No  No doubt it will be a refreshing and profitable  experience in your web writing career.


Yet another expert in the Web World is Dr. Johnson C Philip (Dr.JCP) A Christian Apologist, a prolific writer, and a missionary Evangelist gives lot of information to blog writers on blogging and content writing. This is apart from his huge volume of regular Christian Apologetic writings. 
Following are few of his educative titles at the page

How To Promote Your Articles
Why Use Pictures In Your Articles?
How To Write Popular Articles
How To Generate Net-based Income?
5 Time Management Tips For Writers
Keep Posting, Promoting, Polishing Your Blog!
These and more such blog related contents you can find on his web page @ Guide4Incom

Another Expert in Web creations in the World Wide Web is none other than Gust MEES (Gust)the well known Knol author and Professor.  His contents on web creations are very informative and educative you can read his post on the subject: Creating FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in HTML with Google Docs. At this link.

Yet another web friend  Evelyn Parham, (Eve) author of "Becoming a Healthier You" and  blogger, vegan, educator, freelancer, and health enthusiast. who writes on health related contents, intermittently writes on blog creations, traffic and many other related subjects. Here are few informative posts from her page on  Blog writing.

Tips for The New Blogger 
9 Ways to Make Your Blog Post Easier to Read   And
10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic


And lastly here is a small tutorial I posted in the knol pages.
A simple tip on how to embed share button in your blogs. 
Read @ Peeveesknols

Here are some more valuable posts on blog tips/tricks from the web pages I just searched out for this blog.  Here it is for your reference and study:

20 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Blog” Under this title the author  Susan Gunelius  explains 20 tips or points of   dos and don’ts   A must read to make note of each blogger whoever maybe a newbie or a veteran one if follow these tips the results will be enormous.  Read in detail at this link. 20 Easy Ways toRuin Your Blog”

How to write a blog post in a short span of time.

This is really an interesting post which gives a quick idea to how to write a blog post in a short span of time.
I am sure this will an immense information to the blogger s who are participating in this blog challenge of A To Z Blogging challenge, The title is given as “How to Write a Blog Post in 5 Steps and 15 Minutes”

Here are five vital tips to become an expert in blogging: 5Tips For Building Expertise Through Blogging

Lastly here is a post to visit.  If you want to become a professional blogger read more on this line here at this post

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