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Here is my first entry for the Blogging Challenge by Blogger Jenson Taylor                                                        
Here are some mind blowing images from the world wide web                                                                      

Good Morning to Everyone. Have a Happy Day
Pic. Crdit. Sxc.hu

Glittering Flower Buds (Thilangunna Poomottukal) Picture Credit. Mini's Photo Gallery

A Morning Scene from Kerala India. Pic. Credit Appachan Ozhakkal

Pic Adarsh Vijay
Pic. Credit. Anish Thankachan

Pic. Credit Anish Thankachan

A Picture from Adarsh Vijay
A Treat For The Season (Summer-Just started in our place) Pic. Credit embc.com

Picture Credit Adarsh Vijay

Pic Credit. Rejoy Poomala Gaanaamrutham 

Pic. Credit. Rejoy Poomala

IT IS NOT AN ANIMATED GIF It is amazing how our brain works or doesn't work! Tautvydas Davainis  
Vivid_2011 - Arghya Das - 400-frank_hgs-re

Pic.Credit. tumblr_lybz6yvNuH1r8f1mqo1_250  Joao Eduaro Medeiros

Circles: by Adarsh Vijay

Google Play. Adarsh Vijay
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It's Party Time Now By Adarsh Vijay
Black Beauty by Adarsh Vijay
The Sun Is Setting Down.. Time To Take Rest.  Pic, By P VAriel

We spend about 8 hours/day, 56 hours/week, 240 hours/month and 2,920 hours/year doing it...that's right...SLEEPING. We apparently spend one third of our lives doing nothing. But is sleep really doing nothing? It looks like it...our eyes are closed, our muscles are relaxed, our breathing is regular, and we do not respond to sound or light. If you take a look at what is happening inside of your brain, however, you will find quite a different situation - the brain is very active. You are doing something !
Pic. Credit. Adarsh Vijay


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