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Trees Can Play A Vital Role In All Living Beings Life

Second Entry in a series of 7 for "7 Day Blogging Challenge for bloggers"  from Jenson Taylor

Trees are an integral part of human beings as well as animals and birds.

It can play an important role in the existence of all living beings.

An average tree produces a good quantity of oxygen which is very essential for the existence of all living beings.

The benefits we receive from a tree are many. It has been estimated that a palm tree is useful to man in more than 250 ways. It is also estimated that an ordinary tree inhales approximately 14,000 liters of carbon dioxide, and exhales double the quantity of oxygen for human consumption and survival.

Yes, without oxygen we can't live even for a moment, likewise the animal kingdom too will disappear without oxygen.  The emission of carbon dioxide to the air is increasing at an alarming rate, and at this juncture trees can play a crucial role if we allow them to grow.  Unfortunately in many areas especially in urban sector trees are removed or cut in an increasing speed.  This is a very sad state of affairs and it ultimately land us in great trouble.  Read more on this subject at the following BLOGS:

Our Existence Depended on Our Natural Resources.You can read more on this line in the following blog links:

A Malayalam Blog on this subject. "മരങ്ങളില്‍ മനുഷ്യ ഭാവി"

Here are some pictures of treesThe silent service providersto the human race and animal world.

A Warm Welcome! A scene from my city Secunderabad. Pic. by pva
An Orange Tree. Pic. By Anish Thankachan,

A Bird taking shelter under a tree branch with its little ones

A Tree from Gulf Countries

An Elephant Carrying a Big branch of Tree A Scene from Kerala 

A Scene from the backwaters of Kerala
A Full Grown Mango Tree

A Group of People Taking Rest Under a Large Tree

House Boats in Kerala Pic Credit.  Kerala Tourism 
Goats on a Tree 
Yet Another Large Tree in an Indian Village
A Coco Tree In Kerala Credit. Appachan Ozhakkal

An Age Old Tree On The Streets Of Hyderabad. Pic. by PVA

A Tree From Secunderabad City. Pic. by PVA

A Scene From My City - Secunderabad  pic, by PVA
A Picture from Secunderabad. By PVA

A Picture from Chattishgarh by Alice Mathews Martin

A Picture by Alice M Martin

Trees Providing Shades to the Road users. by Alice Mathews Martin

Monkeys Taking Shelter under a bamboo tree, Pic, by AMM

A Bird under a tree. Pic. by Memmy Moore

Death of a Tree/Tree on fire by hannah S.Chacko

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