5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the A – Z Challenge (A Guest Post By M J Joachim)

5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for the 

forthcoming A – Z Challenge

A to Z Blog Challenge for 2013 is getting geared up and many are seriously thinking about the challenge.  Some people might be a little confused regarding how to enter, what to write, how to post, etc. 

Guest Author M. J. Joachim presents 5 important tips to go ahead with the April Challenge.  I am sure these tips will definitely encourage and give more information to get into the challenge. 

If you are not yet registered for this years challenge, there is still time to join by visiting the A to Z Official blog sign up list

P V (Phil)

Guest Author M. J. Joachim
Thank you, Phil, for inviting me to write a guest post for your blog today. It is with great pleasure that I share a few things I’m doing, to make preparing for the A – Z 2013 Challenge a little bit easier this year.

There are lots of things you can do to make preparing for the A – Z Challenge easier. Here is a brief list to get you started. If you have some ideas of your own, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments, so we all can benefit from each other.

Pre-type your blogging labels. Whether you are following a theme or not, preparing your labels ahead of time makes things easier. Begin with these obvious labels: A – Z Challenge 2013, Letter _, blogging challenge, blog hop. Then add your own labels, which are specific to your post. 

Prepare alphabet pictures for each of your posts. Whether you are downloading them from the web or making them yourself, creating a file on your desktop, filled with letters from A – Z will come in very handy when you want to promote your challenge. Using these in place of pictures in your posts adds clarity for visitors during the A – Z Challenge, as well.

Prepare your signature for your posts ahead of time. Include a link to Blogging from A – Z, since they are the ones hosting the Challenge. Then, just like you did with labels, copy and paste it in place.

Put the Letter of the Day at the beginning of your title, to make it easier for everyone concerned. This makes it easier on you, especially if your posts are in draft mode, waiting to be published, and it makes it easier on visitors jumping from blog to blog, trying to keep up with this phenomenal challenge and all of its participants.

Be thoughtful about your posts and take this challenge seriously. You’re going to have a lot of new visitors to your blog. You have no idea who some of those visitors might be. Step up to the plate and hit a home-run. This is your time to sling-shot your blog, way out into cyberspace! Make it count! You’ll be very glad you did!

Thank you again for allowing me to share some pointers for participating in the A – Z Challenge on your blog, Phil. It’s a true pleasure to be able to do so.

M. J.

M J Joachim, is an established Internet author, and is an active participant in the A to Z Challenge.  She believes writing is writing. It challenges the mind and heart, causing us to view the world with less skepticism. 

M. J.' s has entered the following blogs in A - Z Challenge 2013, and is a volunteering on Nicole's team as a minion this year. 

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