kerugmas: ബ്രൗസര്‍ പ്രശ്‌നം: മൈക്രോസോഫ്റ്റിന് 73 കോടി ഡോളര്‍ പിഴ (EU fines-561m euros ($731m; £484m;Rs3800 Crore) Microsoft over web browser)

ബ്രൗസര്‍ പ്രശ്‌നം: മൈക്രോസോഫ്റ്റിന് 73 കോടി ഡോളര്‍ പിഴ...    ബ്രൗസര്‍ പ്രശ്‌നത്തിന്റെ പേരില്‍ മൈക്രോസോഫ്റ്റിന് യൂറോപ്യന്‍ കമ്മീഷന്‍ 73.1 കോടി ഡോളര്‍ (3800 കോടി രൂപ) പിഴ ...
My Response to the News Item:
OMG! What a penalty it is!,
This is a great reminder to all

of us. Especially the Believers.

If one neglect the rules and regulations

stipulated in the concerned rule book

this will be the fate. Here, the world's

law book is taken such a decision to

punish a company, how great it would

be if one neglect the rules stipulated

in the GREATEST BOOK Ever Written


So this may be a great reminder to all!

Let Us Follow the Rules stipulated in the


Thanks for dropping in.

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kerugmas: ബ്രൗസര്‍ പ്രശ്‌നം: മൈക്രോസോഫ്റ്റിന് 73 കോടി ഡോളര്‍...:

Post Script:
The first comment by Chatty Crone for this post brought me here again to write about the original news in English.
I am sorry to my readers in English for the slip. The news in English is here BBC reported and I quote here:

Microsoft fined by European Commission over 
web browser

Microsoft has been fined 561m euros ($731m; £484m) for failing to promote a range of web browsers, rather than just Internet Explorer, to users in the European Union (EU).

It introduced a Browser Choice Screen pop-up in March 2010 as part of a settlement following an earlier EU competition investigation.

But the US company dropped the feature in a Windows 7 update in February 2011.
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