A For Ariel: No. A for Apple: The Miracle Fruit

A For Ariel: No.  A for Apple: The Miracle Fruit
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Greetings to One and All
Welcome Ones Again to my page in this Happy Occasion – The beginning of A to Z 2013 challenge.

Yes the beginning of the much awaited A to Z 2013 Blog Challenge is just here.
As an Intro. Let me put it this way:  I thought I will start this years blog challenge with my own name I mean with my pen name Ariel  but suddenly I decided to change at the last minute, since I have posted a similar post the other day at Tina’s page  The life is good. under the title  “Getting to Know….. So again I started to think for another subject.  All of a sudden a new subject came to my mind; it is worth noting here:

As we are all most conscious about our health these days, so I have decided to write something on this line which will definitely be a help to many who go through these pages.

As the saying goes Health is Wealth. Let us be more aware about it. Yes, just look around us, there are many resources available in and around us, for that matter even in our kitchen and kitchen gardens many such things are available.  If we look into the value in it, its is really amazing!  in these series I would like to bring out few such things which are more precious but we do not know the value or greatness of it.

In the recent past I did few research and collected some materials in connection with this from my friends and relatives and from the medical fratenity.

Let me start with the word "A" Yes, A for Apple.

You may think that, hey what is this, Are you crazy? starting from the nursery class. Of course I am starting from there but definitely not crazy! each of us I mean those who read this learned about this word from the Nursery classes. Yes, A for Apple LOL

Yes, no doubt its beginning is from there and it went into our mind from there.  But here I am talking about its medicinal properties and its great nutritional value as a medicine for some of the common ailments.

A Small Intro:
It is a sub-acid fruit and considered as one of the best fruit of all fruits.  It is generally considered as the most wholesome food.  Apart from its energy value it works as the developments of metabolic functions like the physical growth and functioning of the body.

It has been cultivated from pre-historic times, and has mentioned in the history of China, Babylon Egypt and even in the Holy Bible there are several references to this.  The interesting thing is that the Scandinavian believe that it’s the “Food of God” and believed that it has medicinal properties to energize mind and body. The age old saying of “An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away” The research proved that this is true.

Here are some medicinal properties of this wonder fruit.

As it's being rich in iron. Arsenic and phosphorus are good to beat out anemia. Freshly prepared apple juice taken daily half an hour before meals and just before going to bed will give good result.

It’s very useful in curing acute and chronic dysentery among children.  Ripe apple should be crushed into pulp form and give to children several times a day one to four tablespoons according to their ages this will be a good remedy to dysentery.   The American Medical Association advocated the use of apples as therapeutic agent in dysentery.  Shredded apple mixed with a tablespoon of honey sprinkled with sesame seed is an excellent tonic and appetizer.

It’s also a good medicine for all types of headaches.  Removing the upper rind taken with little salt every morning on empty stomach is a good remedy for even severe headache.  This should be taken for a week.

Its contents of potassium and phosphorous are a help in alleviation of heart disease.   The recent study by Dr. Elizabeth Barret-Cannor of California University revealed that people who consume more potassium through good items are likely to skip heart attacks.

It is also an excellent food medicine for gout, arthritis and rheumatism.  For rheumatic pains its boiled jelly can be rubbed for quick relief.  It is also a good medicine for dry cough, about 250 grams for sweet apple taken daily for a week will give tremendous relief to this pain, It also helps in treating Kidney stones, eye disorders, and dental disorders, it has mouth cleansing properties, Dr. T Hanks in his book Dental Survey says, “Apples have mouth cleansing property that no other fruit possess, taken after meals it works as a good tooth brush in cleansing the teeth.

It also works as a good promoter to body’s vigor and vitality.  The regular intakes of apple remove all deficiencies of vital organs and make the body fit and strong.  Since it contains more phosphorus and iron than any other vegetable it works wonders.  Though its available in different forms like jelly juice or cidar and vinegar, the freshly prepared juice is more effective.

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Here is a delicious recipe with Apple juice & mint chutney sandwich recipe

potassium permanganate
CAUTION:  The apple now available in the market are contained or sprayed with dangerous pesticides, the fruit should be thoroughly washed in all possible way, dip into the salt water and washed it with potassium permanganate will help in some extent.

Yet Another Caution: 
Though these are proved remedies we do not take any responsibility for any possible difficulties. it for granted.  Please do consult a doctor/nutritionists before using this 
as a medicine.   The information given here are collected 
from different sources and is posted here mainly for informational and educational purposes only. 

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