Ato Z 2013 Blog Challenge Is At The Door Step.Here Is A Small Write-up @ Co-host Tina's Page."Life is good" Getting to Know Tina’s Terrific Team Member "Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ "

Getting to Know Tina’s Terrific Team Member "Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ "

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As someone said, I too had the intention of keeping myself away from the audience while I write, so in the beginning I adopted the name ‘Ariel’ as my pseudonym.  But at a later stage I understood the value of revealing myself to the general readers.  And I came out with a write up about myself on “How I got my pen name?” And now I firmly believe and recommend that one (If he or she is a writer) need to have an identity to be revealed in the writing field, just ghost writing will not fit the bill.  And  the present trend at writing field is much more than that, unless and until you reveal yourself the audience may not get into it or sometimes even just neglect even though your thoughts or imaginations are in a high caliber.  This lesson I learned it while I was actively involved in Google’s Knol pages.  Since then I started promoting myself and my write-ups through different social media.  For such activities there is an other side too, I received lot of criticism when I started promoting my resources.   I just neglected such talks and still going on with my promotion as often as I can.  And ha,  Note that unless you do the promotion for your work who else will do for you? Think of this!  On this line recently I published a post at my blog page under the title. 9 Tips to promote your blogs…. to read Click Here 

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P V Ariel - Phil 
Now here at A to Z  Co- host Tina Downey of Life Is Good gave me an opportunity to expose myself and my writings  to the web word by selecting me as one of her a to z promoters or ambassadors.  Thus this question and answers.   Though I am a bit late here I am with my answers:

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Thanks for your time and patience to be with us.

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philip verghese

Thanks Tina Downey 
for your wonderful offer 
to be here with you all.

Philip Verghese Ariel Founder and CEO at Philipscom

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