C is for Cancer: Cabbage, Cauliflower and Soursop: Nature’s Wonders (Weapons) Which Kills Cancer

C is for Cancer:  


Cauliflower and Soursop:

 Nature’s Weapons to kill cancer

Picture by p v ariel
Picture by p v ariel
This disease is now common even among the non smokers as well as non drinkers.

In the recent past I come across with few of our close associates’ family members, colleagues and friends succumbed to this disease.  I did a search to learn more about this sickness, thus i came to know about a wonder working natural remedy for this disease.  It is known as  Soursop in English and Mullaatha(മുള്ളാത്ത)or Kaattaatha in Malayalam.  More information about this fruit please visit the links given at the bottom of this post.

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Though I read about it  some time back, in the recent days I came to know more about this wonderful or miracle fruit which heals or kills cancer. If the disease is detected in the initial stage its works well and give the desired results.

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One such vegetable which kills cancer is Cabbage.   It has a great history to tell for centuries.  It is believed that a dish "Sauerkraut" made by cabbage helped the Asian labors to build the great wall of China.  

During captain Cook’s voyage to the Antarctic  Circle  cabbage kept sailors from dying of Scurvy. 

During the middle age Europeans survived harsh winters by the usage of this vegetable.

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The Ancient Roman 'Cato the elder' crushed cabbage leaves to treat cancerous ulcers years before.  Now  the modern science confirms this, that cabbage is an easy  but powerful way to prevent cancer.  To get the full benefit, it should not be boiled or over cooked, instead quickly  steam or stir fry.  This way you can retain more than 60% of its cancer fighting nutrients. 

Red cabbage has up to 28 times more flavonoids than other cabbages.  It is more beneficial to a  woman past menopause and it helps to lower breast cancer risk.

If takes along with apples broccoli, tea and onions you get enough flavonoids.

A recent research says that eating raw cabbage or quick cooked cabbage  three times a week may lower breast cancer.  Particularly if they start eating this at a younger age this cancer may not get to such people.

Now comes cauliflower,  when you bite a cauliflower you can say that you are eating  a flower. Yes a cauliflower head is a group of flowers that stopped growing while they were still buds.  Like its cousins, cabbage and broccoli cauliflower is loaded with some of the most powerful anti-cancer weapons.  Cabbage and cauliflower are rich in isothiocyanate  called benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC). A new researcg from Texas says people who eat such foods had almost 30% less risk of bladder cancer.  This is a good reason to eat more cabbage, cauliflower, kale, broccoli and watercress and Brussels sprouts.

Picture by  Rijin Thomas
Picture by  Bijin Thomas

"Nature is the best physician since it provides medicines without any side effects. One such reputed natural 'medicine' is soursop, which is scientifically named as Annona muricata. Known by different names like Graviola, Guanabana, Brazilian pawpaw, etc., Soursop is loaded with a number of nutrients and is also used as an alternative medicine to treat many ailments like Cancer."Says K B Enterprises.  To continue reading please click Here  and to read more on this line please click HERE


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