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D Is for Duplicate- A to Z Blog Challenge

D is For Duplicate

Pic. Credit Bing/Seidenblumenstrauß
The other day while I was visiting one of my friends home I found a beautiful plant with lot of lovely and attractive flowers in it at the living room.  I was so attracted to it and moved close to the plant to touch the leaves and smell the flowers.  Suddenly I realized that it was not an original plant.  Yes, that was a duplicate one.   But no one will tell that is a duplicate one unless he goes close to it. 

Yes, we are living in a world of duplicate things.  Everything duplicate available in the market, especially in India duplicate things will be available in plenty in every nook and corner of the country.  Any top class companies duplicate product, just a look alike product is available here in India

Suddenly my thoughts went towards the people around, yes, there are duplicate people too we can see in this world.   I mean to say that, outwardly a person looks like a very pious, simple and loving person.  But if you move closer to him we will understand that he is just opposite in all these qualities.

Duplicate items are cheaply available in the market so naturally many go after it.  But alas in the later stage they come to know that it was a duplicate one.  Even in Christendom, I mean in Christian faith there are duplicate things and people.  People are more and more interested in such things and people.  May be due the cheap availability or financial crisis people opt for such things.  But here is a CAUTION:  Just for a cheaper one or an easy one you may be cheated at a later stage and you will be missing the greatest and blessed one forever.

As I said,  'In the Christendom there are duplicate Christians, duplicate healing, miracle, duplicate or fake tongues, duplicate Christian gatherings, faith and belief.  At one look,  as mentioned in the  above story of the beautiful plant, one cannot recognize which is duplicate and which is real.  So be careful ! , people come to you with great promises and prosperities and other financial offerings.  But be sure to check closely and move cautiously before taking a final decision.

These days many false prophets are on the run to trap you in their net.  So be careful otherwise in a later stage you may be get cheated.

Be a  guard for yourself  by seriously looking into the Word of God and meditating upon it.  The Word of God reveals you what is true and what is false.  Check out for the original and true faith and belief, that will surely lead you to real joy and happiness.

Yes the eternal joy.

May  God bless you to take a right decision when you face with such dilemma.

Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Founder and CEO at Philipscom

A freelance writer, editor and a blogger from Kerala. Now based at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can reach at: pvariel(@)Gmail [.] Com
Tel: 09700882768


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  2. Very good point you make here, Philip. As Christians we do need to be on the look out for those who don't bear good fruit, it's how we can tell the false from the true.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. Thanks Tina for the insightful thought,
      and your valuable time to comment.

  3. Things like plastic plants do make us think hard about what's really important.

    1. Hi Kelworthfiles,
      Thanks you so much to drop in and for the valuable comment.
      Yes, God sometimes teach us even from the smallest things of this earth, just take the case of ants, Great lessons we learned from it, and He taught us.
      Thanks again
      Keep inform
      Best Regards

  4. Only God knows our hearts. We must tend to them carefully and as you say, always be on guard. Not all duplicates are a bad thing, however. Some are creative expressions of art:) A delightful post, Phil:)

    1. Hi MJ
      I appreciate and thank you for your finding little time to drop in here, Yes, all duplicate thins are bad things, sometimes it perform better than the originals LOL.
      Happy to know that this post delighted you

  5. Hi
    I am commenting not just to increase the comment level, but I liked this post as M J said Only God Knows Our Hearts!
    May He Take Care and deal accordingly
    May God help such people to lead a victorious Christian life
    May His Name be Glorified,
    Thanks for sharing this thought provoking piece.

  6. Hi There, thanks so much for taking the time and care to visit my blog from the A-Z challenge and leave a couple of comments. I value and appreciate that!

    I don't share your beliefs, but you reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter yesterday - I think you will relate to it.

    My daughter is 12 and very interested in her looks right now - everything is about her hair and clothes!
    Personally I don't give much time to that - I like to look presentable and honour and take good care of my body but I know there is more than looks.

    However, our conversation became very deep and meaningful and we explored how someone can be very 'plain' on the outside but beautiful on the inside with a giving and pure heart and how the reverse can also be true. We can see people who are beautiful on the inside but who are ugly and mean on the inside.

    And so it is with your flowers - the beautiful arrangement that pulled you close, yet when you lowered your nose to inhale the scent and when you reached out your hand in tenderness to caress the leaves you realised how hollow and empty the arrangement was. It was something made from plastic, something fake which destroys our planet instead of bring beauty to it.


  7. excellent. Satan is the ultimate "duplicate", deceiver, and we are so easily duped by him. There are many counterfeits in life...it is so crucial to stay connected to God.
    from The Dugout


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