Do You Know The Importance of November? The Horrifying 9/11 Attack And Few Other Things to Remember !!

Do You Know The Importance of November?  The Horrifying 9/11 Attack And Few Other Things to Remember !!  

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November is considered as the first day of the winter season in many countries.

In India November 1st is the formation day of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala states.

Christians especially the Roman Catholics celebrate November 1st as the All saints day. It falls on just before the day of Halloween.   Some countries celebrate this on 2nd and 4th of November.   In some countries it is known as “Day of the dead” and is considered or dedicated to praying for the dead.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on November 4th in United States and Puerto Rica.

In Indonesia 10th November is known as National Heroes Day.  Also on this day in America they celebrate the birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

November 11th is the Independence Day in Angola and Poland

Belgium France and United States celebrate November 11th as the Remembrance Day.  It commemorates World War I and other wars.  In the US it is known as Veterans Day.

In India November 14th celebrated as Children’s Day.  It is the Birth date of former Prime Minister of India Pandit  Jawaharlaal Nehru,  he is also known as Chaacha  (Elder Brother) Nehru,  Nehru was very fond of children thus this day dedicated in his name.

This day is also known and celebrated as World Diabetes Day.

It is believed that On November 19th   the Eastern World of Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus. (November 19, 1493)

On 19th November International Men's Day is celebrated.

Transgender Day of Remembrance is on November 20th in the United States since 1999.

November 21st is the National Adoption Day.

Independence Day in Lebanon celebrated on November 22nd

Western Christians celebrates Advent during the last week of November that is November 27th and December 3).

Independence Day in Albania is celebrated on November 28th

St Andrews Day is celebrated in Scotland on November 30th.  It is also celebrated as its official National Day.

Two horrifying incidents too happened on this month:
One in the United States of America and another in India. 
The most unforgettable incident in the history of America happened on 11th November 2001.  19 Militants hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attack.   Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the W T C in New York City a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington D. C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  Over 3000 people were killed during this attack , this includes more than 400 police officers and firefighters.

          Watch this video: A Tribute to the victims of WTC Attack.

Also watch these unfiltered videos from nine New Yorkers who witnessed that unforgettable day. 

Click on the below link to watch that incident in detail.  

102 Minutes That Changed America 

Taj Hotel under attack Pic Credit: Indian Express Daily
In India on 26th November 2008, twelve co-ordinated terrorist attacks occurred at different locations in Mumbai, one of India’s largest city.  The terror attacks continued over a period of three days killing 166 people and injuring around 300.  Seven business centers were hit in india’s financial capital, including two luxury hotels were attacked

When I think of November, immediately my memory goes back to my school days. Our School English Teacher Susan Mathew taught us a one line poem to remember the days in 12 months. 
It goes like this: 
"30 Days are September April June And November" 
That was really very easy to remember the days in 12 months.  :-) 

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