The Gospel in Genesis (The gospel hidden in the Torah / Genesis)

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The Gospel in Genesis (The gospel hidden in the Torah / Genesis)

This comes from the genealogy of Genesis 5, as follows: 
Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lemech, Noah.

Now the meaning of each name

Adam = man
Seth = appointed
Enosh = mortal
Cainan = sorrow
Mahalalel = the blessed God
Jared = shall come down
Enoch = teaching
Methuselah = his death shall bring
Lemech = the despairing
Noah = comfort

Put it all together and we get:

man appointed to sorrow; the blessed God shall come down teaching, his death shall bring the despairing comfort.

There we go. the gospel hidden in the Torah / Genesis

"May the Lord who created the heavens and the earth give you His blessing."
                                   Psalm 115:15

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Picture Credit:  captivatedbychrist 

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