Why Righteous People Suffer? Is God Good? And An Encouraging Conversation Via Radio

Lisa Buffaloe -Taddy
Since a week I was going through different kinds of difficult situations, especially in connection with my fellow brethren in Christ, the dear ones’ departure from this earth, their sickness, financial difficulties, and so on…. Few among them are affected with dreadful diseases too.

In recent days one of our fellow believers is diagnosed with liver cancer.  And my beloved elder sister too got admitted in the hospital yesterday with abdominal pain, severe bleeding and other related problems. 

My thoughts went wild.   ‘Why God permits such sickness and trials to His dear ones, especially to the one who are righteous and walk so closer with Him?

Though I have been a believer in Christ since many years and read through the Bible about God’s Ways and Deeds towards His children many times, but still, the above doubt cropped into my mind. Why God…..?????  Why?????

The server was down and could not check my mails or to visit my blog followers pages.

Today it’s fixed and I’m back to pavilion; browsing through the pages of today’s blog post of my friends, suddenly a wonderful title caught my attention.  “Is God Good?”

Writer, speaker and radio host Lisa wrote in her blog “Lisa Buffaloe”

“Is God good only when God does the good you want?

Will you trust and have faith in God only when God responds in the way you want Him to respond?

Do you only want a God who does things your way?

Do you believe in God’s goodness, will you love God, serve God, obey God, trust God, live a Godly life, only when God acts the way you want?

When life is only about you, your wants, your focus, your desires, how God and man respond to you, have you found life, joy, and freedom?” Read More here at this link 

Just after reading the post I visited her ‘About Lisa Buffaloe’ page and found a thrilling testimony of a suffering personality, indeed its worth reading Lisa’s page, please do visit the page and get great encouragement.  I am sure it encourages and comforts you especially if you are undergoing such trials in your life. Please Click here to read her amazing testimony.

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And here is a wonderful testimony on her own words, yet another similar personality Jo Ann Fore conversation with Lisa Buffaloe via Living Joyfully Free Radio. TwoSuffering Personalities—Two Wonderful Living  Testimonies”          

Keep listening and get encouraged be blessed.
God heals broken lives. 
God wants to heal yours too !
Have a blessed time ahead
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Post Script:
A Best and Great Example to ponder over, Read about the righteous man who lived on earth Job Here at this link. THE BOOK OF JOB 


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